The Art of Raising Indoor Bonsai Trees

Hello, and welcome to my site! This site is dedicated to the purchase and care of indoor bonsai trees for beginners and experts alike, or anyone who is curious about bonsai and would like to learn more about them. Bonsai are trees grown in small pots, cultivated into miniature versions of larger trees.

This practice began in ancient China then later was adopted in Japan where it became a popular national pastime, and from there it spread all over the world as a meditative and artistic hobby. The great thing about it is, with a little knowledge and dedication anybody can do it! And that is the purpose of this site: to inform and help YOU to make the right decisions in finding the right bonsai for you and how to make sure it stays looking beautiful and lasts for years for a rewarding experience.

How much can you expect to pay when purchasing a bonsai tree? Most bonsai can be purchased for around $20 – $60. The price is largely depending on the type of tree you are purchasing, the pot it comes with, and the stage of growth. Prices can go up into the thousands of dollar range for some bonsai. If you are buying one for the first time I recommend sticking to the lower range, but once you’ve had some experience and gained some expertise, you may very well want to consider adding some higher priced bonsai to your collection. It’s all up to you!

One thing to expect, whether you are buying online or at a local shop, is for the bonsai to require a brief adjustment period. It’s common for some of the leaves to turn yellow and fall off when you first bring your indoor bonsai trees to its new location. Don’t let this worry you, and above all don’t pull off the leaves. Just let them fall off naturally.Further down in this site I explain how to properly care for your bonsai. As long as you are following these instructions your plant should be fine, and it will soon get used to its new surroundings.

Still, if you’re like me you may have some misgivings about spending any sum of money on a plant that might not survive on you despite all the care and effort you put into it. If this is you, I know how you’re feeling. But don’t let doubt stand between you and the path to a potentially rewarding and beautiful hobby. Most reputable sellers will carry a guarantee of some kind. Just ask the seller or check for the guarantee on their site if you are buying bonsai trees online.

Maybe you like indoor bonsai trees, but just don’t have a green thumb. Again, don’t sell yourself short! Caring for bonsai plants is not difficult. I have listed all the basics you need to know on this website that you can use as a reference. In addition to my website there are lots of online resources that can help expand your knowledge about bonsai plant care. I encourage you to explore all of the information available to you on the web as you gain familiarity and grow together with your beautiful indoor bonsai trees!

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